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3D and CG animations that hit the mark

We create computer-generated animations, 3D images and special effects that bring your creative concepts to life. We make them more convincing, more persuasive and a lot cooler. Our secret? That’s our technical expertise and our eye for perfection. They deliver hard results every time.

Why do we do it? 
As a value driven company, we want to make society a better place. Animations are a highly suitable tool to change attitudes in a funny way without being pedantic.

We're a double agent with two identities

  • Sparring partner to your imagination – Our first job is to boost your imagination. We’re your creative think tank, taking your ideas one step further every time. We’ll provide you with proactive expert advice in every stage of your creative process.
  • Developer of pitch-perfect results – What you get on screen or paper is the result of creativity, technological expertise, quality driven perfectionism and lots and lots of hard work. It’s our definition of perfection.

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Our services

  • 3D and 2D animations
    • Character animation
    • Medical animation
    • Technical animation
    • Corporate animation
    • Didactical animation
  • 3D and 2D visuals
  • Viral movies
  • Web animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Liquid, cloth, smoke and hair simulation
  • Stereoscopy

Projects in the spotlight

Dog Lucky Football

Dog Lucky Football

Love to present our new K9, Dog Lucky.

He is born @ Hoaxland and loves playing the star in 3D commercials for Bet First.



We did not leave our sleep over this project. A real challenge. But one our client  liked a lot. Don't close your eyes...

VDK Spaarbank Ethical Banking

VDK Spaarbank Ethical Banking

3D Animation with a warm feeling. Paper cut out without the use of scissors. Seen on TV and at the Movies.