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Aside commercial work, the focus at Hoaxland lies in social driven projects. Animations are a highly suitable tool to change attitudes in a funny way without becoming pedantic.

With AYA, our animation series about road safety, we got experienced in making animation series. Two seasons of AYA with 12 episodes each, stand for 96 minutes of 3D animation.

We want our team to pursue not only artistic, but also personal development. Rules become subservient by focusing on values as intuition, empathy, engagement and purpose. We believe that value driven companies are the key to long term success. At Hoaxland people come before profit.

We offer a full time position for a Technical 3D Artist.
But freelancers looking for a stable work environment are also welcome.

- You can show us an amazing 3D portfolio.
- 3+ years of industry experience is preferred.
- You're an all-round 3D artist, experienced in modelling, texturing, rigging.
- You have an excellent understanding of CGI techniques across a wide variety of styles and characterizations.
- While working with Maya is preferred, experience with any 3D package is accepted.
- Actively seek feedback and review of work, accept and act upon creative and technical direction.
- A passion for problem solving.
- Articulate and communicate complex technical art & animation issues.
- Affinity with everything that is happening in the 3D scene, augmented, virtual or otherwise. Being in touch with state-of-the-art technology and trends.
- You are a self motivated team player.
- You have good communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
- You know how to meet the desires and budget of a client.

Please send your resume and portfolio to info@hoaxland.be

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