From concept to artwork

A convincing technical visualisation? Compelling advertising? An out-of-the-box and out-of-this-world animation? We’re your guide through the whole process. You can choose to let us take on your entire project, or just ask us to animate or design. We're virtually yours.


CONCEPT AND CREATION: reading your mind, and making it real

Maybe you have a great idea. But you’re not sure if it’s even possible or whether it would work. Maybe you need a kick-start to your project. Or someone to help you decide between 2D or 3D.

Let’s brainstorm. Run your ideas and thoughts by us. We’ll give you expert advice, abundant creativity and honest feedback. But don’t expect us to leave it at that. Oh no, we’ll start thinking on our own as well. We’ll be knocking on your door with storyboards and visualisations of your ideas – slowly but surely sharpening the rough edges of your concept.

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DESIGN: cutting edge virtual art

So there you are: with a concept in mind, a budget in your wallet and a strict deadline to go live. Now what?

Time to design. Time to create unique characters and draw unbelievable worlds. We’re always looking for new styles and we’re always happy to experiment with fresh insights. So your project will most certainly have its own, unparalleled look 'n' feel.

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ANIMATION: to the boundaries of reality, and beyond!

Got a visual basis for your commercial or website? Got a distinguished style and a unique idea for a creative campaign? Great.

Now let magic happen. Behind our computers, we play God. We can make vegetables talk in funny dialects, let farm animals go wild on musical instruments and have a mob of kitchen appliances break into a building. And the best part: it all looks neatly polished and very real.

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But we’re not done here yet. We still need to make some final tweaks and changes to the animation. Or we can add live images to make the whole thing look even more real. We can also slightly alter the characters, retouch the imagery and play with the colours. All to make the end result exceed your highest expectations.

Our approach

Ours is a highly specialised business. So we do everything to make sure you’re up to speed at any given moment. You receive a clear offer before we start working, you’re in charge of the deadlines and we never undertake a new step before consulting with you. And yes, we gladly answer all your questions along the way.

Our services

  • 3D and 2D animations
    • Character animation
    • Medical animation
    • Technical animation
    • Corporate animation
    • Didactical animation
  • 3D and 2D visuals
  • Viral movies
  • Web animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Liquid, cloth, smoke and hair simulation
  • Stereoscopy

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